As a long time, reputable retail company we at Lowes are excited to introduce a whole new range of services which have been developed for our senior citizens in residential aged care, community care and retirement villages.

We want to offer you the usual Lowes quality with the added benefit of extra services / added value services which make clothing acquisition both easy and fun.

Below you can find short descriptions for each service, however for further information please download our services PDF’s or request a call back through our contact us section.


Here at Lowes we are committed to offering our senior clients the best available products and services. Our clothing is of course the highest quality at a great affordable price but we understand that the acquisition of clothing is much more than that. For example, imagine if someone was to tell you that for the rest of your life someone else would be making all your clothing decisions for you. This may sound extreme but for the majority of residents in aged care facilities, those receiving care in their own home this is a reality. Perhaps you choose the clothing for your loved one? Here at Lowes we want to offer some of that lost choice and decision making to residents. We want to give them the opportunity to shop for their own clothes, perhaps from the comfort and safety of their own facility or home with one of our shopping or fashion show events which not only offers independence, the session is also a great deal of fun!

Admissions – leave the clothing to us!

It is hard and stressful enough For not only those entering an aged care facility but for loved ones also and preparing/ buying clothing to take in can be a real drama. Lowes can now help you with that. Our fast essentials ordering system will allow you to look at the recommended items and purchase the appropriate clothing quickly and efficiently at a great price, with the garments delivered to a facility of your choice. All this from a company you already know and trust, supplying environment appropriate ladies and men’s wear which will withstand the harsh laundry process much better than general high street offerings.

One to One and community services

This service is aimed primarily at those living in the community or retirement villages who would like to purchase clothing from the safety and comfort of their own home. This is a great option for residents who are finding a trip to the shops just a little too much, or those lacking confidence to discuss clothing needs with a store assistant in a crowded shop. Our fully trained staff ( All with current police checks) will visit the customer in their own home and discuss EVERYTHING the customer is wanting from correct sizing to matching items head to toe.

Clothing choices are as important to a senior citizen as they are to anyone else. We are here to help you bring some dignity, choice and decision making to you or your loved one.